A Twitter Investigation

Would you like to play Questions?

It's strange
how people can spend so much time
trying to talk on Twitter, yet
when you try to talk back all they do is


about how upset they are that you tried to start a conversation

I suppose the concept of “tone-deafness” is a universal phenomenon. Ren are incentivized to use Register Shifts more often than necessary. As a result, a “register signal” inevitably degrades. However, it is possible (though more jarring) to register shift without it. 第一是用别的语言。But if you’re not bi-lingual, the easiest way to register shift IS TO START SHOUTING DID YOU HEAR THAT?

Did you hear that? There should have been a “register shift” in your transcription.

Facebook provides a “How are you feeling?” indicator with status messages. This is generally completely redundant for comprehending a message.

Twitter does not provide any register shifts at all. We must indicate the register-shift key through shouting when it is strictly required to do so.

There is a crowd in San Francisco which I will call the antireactionaries. I can not assume exactly who they are, and I am not entirely sure what “reactionary” refers to, but they are a coherent group and they are opposed to it. I believe that many of them are co-identified with Wesley Yang’s exonymical “successor ideology”, but am not entirely sure what Yang’s term means either.

According to one of them, Substack is "reactionary”. Apparently anybody who would write on Substack (perhaps even people who would deign to read Substack) is a reactionary. And reactionaries must be censored and attacked. … As Kenneth Bainbridge once said in 1945, “Now we are all sons of bitches.”

∴ People who insist that <<their values must apply globally but nobody from outside their bubble can even critique them>> have bad opinions.